Big Booty Yoga

A body positive, people forward yoga movement aiming to peacefully disrupt &

break the yoga stereotype one chubby chatarunga at a time.


Music Themed Classes

Prince, Beyonce, BoyBands, Drake, The Beatles and much more. Use celebration as movement while flowing to some of your favorite artists!


Upcoming Retreats


Mindfulness & Movement Retreat
Jefferson, Co // March 29-31st, 2019

What to expect: intention setting, yoga, high vibe music, meditation, massage, self-care skills, delicious eats, tools to access spirit and develop intuition— and much more!

More details and registration


Mindfulness & Movement Beach Edition
Honolulu, HI // June 2018

Details and dates to be announced— What to expect: co-leads Steph Winsor and Kady Lafferty have so much in store: beach yoga, workshops, meditation practice and development, mouth-watering food and so.much.more.


Yoga + Activism

So much of the yoga community is well-intentioned and have a passion for equality, but often don't know where to direct their efforts. In times of uncertainty we can send "love & light" all we want, and while energy and thoughts are important- so is action. Yoga focuses on the oneness of all and how we're all in it together. Let’s channel that in a quantitative way…