Music Themed Classes

Big Booty Yoga hosts music-themed classes from NamasBey to Here Come The Sun Salutation. These high energy classes are meant to invite people into the practice who might otherwise not be sold on yoga, and practice using movement as celebration and fun rather than punishment. These events bring yoga to venues that make people feel more comfortable to try yoga, or, bring an element of fun to their practice. You can see what classes are coming up here.


Kady of Big Booty Yoga hosts various workshops around the Denver area. You can find more information about her upcoming workshops here.

Teacher Trainings

Kady Lafferty helps co-lead two different trainings in the Denver area. Kady helped develop Embrace, Embody and Empower: Yoga Teacher Training for EveryBODY with her friend and colleague Samy Mattei— this training aims to equip yoga teachers with skills to teach to varying accessibility needs and focuses on inclusivity. The other is specifically a Power Vinyasa Teacher Training at The River Yoga.


Activism & Advocacy

So much of the yoga community is well-intentioned and have a passion for equality, but often don't know where to direct their efforts. In times of uncertainty we can send "love & light" all we want, and while energy and thoughts are important- so is action. Yoga focuses on the oneness of all and how we're all in it together. Let’s channel that in a quantitative way… Check out Big Booty Yoga’s events in collaborating with SameSide here.


Big Booty Yoga collaborates with different members of the mindfulness and movement community to host affordable and accessible retreats. Some are local to the Colorado Mountains and others take attendees to the beach. You can find out more here.